The City of Kingsville City-County Health Department has released food inspection scores for the period of Sept. 23 - Oct. 4.

Food service inspections are conducted on a quarterly schedule per year based on the risk category to ensure compliance with the Texas Food Service Establishment Regulations and local food sanitation ordinances. 

Risk levels include low, moderate and high risk. Establishment scoring is based on a demerit system, as per The Texas Food Establishment Rules. There are two types of violations.

Critical violations are five and four points demerits per violation and non-critical violations are three points demerit violations. 

Critical violations are improper practices and actions that directly contribute to food contamination and temperature abuse that may pose a potential risk to the public health, resulting in food borne illness. Critical violations must be corrected immediately or as directed by the Health Department. 

Non-critical violations are unacceptable practices that normally relate to the physical condition of an establishment, including equipment, cleaning and storage. Non-critical violations must be corrected before the next routine inspection or as directed by the Health Department.


Big Events Cakes and More – 100

Dollar General (N. 14th) – 100

The Donut Palace – 100

El Columbiano Mobile Food Unit – 100

El Tio Guero Mobile Food Unit – 100

Kovai Café – 100

Rock's Discount Vitamin and More – 100

Whataburger (N. 14th) - 100

Baffin Bay Rod & Gun (Riviera) – 99

Kingsville Bakery – 99

Kleberg County Senior Center – 99

La Quinta – 99

VIP Adult Daycare – 99

Walmart/Murphy USA – 99

Wing Stop – 99

Baffin Bay Convenience Store (Riviera) – 98

Knights of Columbus (N. 14th) – 98

Rise Up Nutricion – 98

Blue Ribbon Deli/Coffee Bar – 97

The Fisherman’s Market (Riviera) – 97

Margaritaville – 97

Kingsville Nursing /Rehab – 96

Taco Bell – 96

Burger King (Riviera) – 95

Casa de Tacos – 95

Kleberg County Nursing/Rehab – 95

Circle K Stores – 94

Quality Inn – 94

Nucky's Mobile Food Unit – 93

Chicken Express – 92

Kingsville Food Mart – 92

Asian Buffet – 87,

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