A new retail store has been proposed for Downtown Kingsville on the site of the former Kingsville Publishing Company building. A developer working on behalf of Dollar General finalized a purchase of the Kingsville Publishing Building and its adjoining lot in the 100 block of Fifth Street downtown last week.

Plans submitted to the City of Kingsville Planning and Zoning Department call for a demolition of the building, which could begin in the next few weeks. Proposed plans for a new Dollar General store submitted to the city show an entrance and parking lot facing King Street and a new building to be constructed where the vacant building exists today.

When contacted by the Kingsville Record and Bishop News Friday, Angela Petkovic, a public relations spokesperson for Dollar General said the company is in the “due diligence” phase of planning the new store.

“A part of our due diligence phase includes securing all necessary permits to ensure that we can move forward with a project should we decide to at the conclusion of that process,” Petkovic said. “Based on our current timeline, we anticipate to have a final decision on this in the coming weeks.”

Kingsville currently has two Dollar General stores, located at the north and south ends of 14th Street. Petkovic said the new store, if it is constructed, would join those locations. The store would have 6 to 10 employees, she added.

The Kingsville Publishing Company building was constructed in 1969-70 and served as the home of the Kingsville Record and Bishop News until 2009. Publisher Christopher Maher said the sale of the vacant building will allow for growth downtown.

“While this is certainly the end of an era for that building, we’re always pleased to see new retail and development in our downtown,” Maher said. 

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