Honoring Malibu

Malibooze owners Marty and Wilva West stand next to a wall dedicated to their Schnauzer ‘Malibu’ who recently passed away and who is the idea of the store’s namesake. (Photo by Terry Fitzwater)

The new liquor store in Kingsville has gone to the dogs.

The booze emporium is called Malibooze Liquor, and it is named after the store owners’ dog, Malibu, who recently passed away.

“We named the store after our Schnauzer named Malibu,” said Wilva West who owns the store along with her husband Marty. “Malibu was a really friendly dog, and he loved people. He would get excited to see his friends who were our customers when they came into our other business (Discount Liquor). Sometimes he would get excited when he heard their cars or trucks coming around the corner of the building. He knew who was coming inside.

“He was a super smart dog, and he loved his customers and they loved him.”

Malibu was a family and store legend, but he passed away late in 2019 at the age of 14, bringing sadness to the family. 

When the West’s decided to open their new location, they hit upon the idea of honoring the dog by combining his name of Malibu with booze by metamorphosing the name into Malibooze.

As soon as customers enter the new store, they will notice on the right-hand wall is a giant picture of Malibu. 

Next to the picture there are other pictures of dogs that patrons have brought in to hang alongside the West’s legendary Schnauzer. 

There is a purpose behind it, and a benefit to the customers who bring in pictures of their dogs to hang out with Malibu.

“We wanted Malibu to have company and enjoy some friends,” Wilva smiled while looking at the pictures hanging on the wall. “Plus, anyone who brings in a picture of their dog and lets us hang it on the wall permanently will get 10% off their purchase that day.” 

Malibooze Liquor is located at 1701 Brahma Blvd., and has been open since May 1. 

The store sells all types of liquor, beer, cigars and is trying to be the Craft Beer purveyor of Kleberg County. 

It is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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