Since 1987, Riviera Telephone Company Inc. has awarded $1,006,000 in scholarships to 189 local students for their academic achievement, good citizenship and high moral character. This year RTC awarded $60,000 in scholarships to six children of RTC customers and employees.

This year’s recipients are Kendall Huff, Bryson Bull, Hannah May, J Bryce Griffith, Brendon Jimenez and Kelsey Bordovsky.

Kendall Huff is Riviera Kaufer High School’s 2019 valedictorian. Kendall is the daughter of Ralph and Kendra Huff and plans to attend Centenary College of Louisiana to study Pre-Med (Bio-Chemistry) to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy.  

Bryson Bull is the son of Burt and Linda Bull; he plans to attend Mays Business School at Texas A&M University to study Business Administration.  

Hannah May is the daughter of Paul and Teresa May and plans to attend Texas A&M University-San Antonio to study Business Marketing.  

J Bryce Griffith is the son of Douglas and Christine Griffith; he plans to attend Del Mar College to study Welding Applied Technology.  

Kelsey Bordovsky, a graduate of Academy High School, is the daughter of Edward and Marcia Bordovsky. She plans to attend Texas A&M University to study Agribusiness with a minor in Animal Science.  

Each of these students will receive $1,000 each long semester for two years.

Brendon Jimenez, the son of Arnoldo and Crystal Jimenez, plans to attend Laredo College and is undecided on his career objective. Brendon was awarded a five-year full scholarship.

Eligible seniors are encouraged to apply for the scholarship next year.

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