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Butterfly Blitz flutters to Kingsville October 1-3

The weekend festival will have a variety of events to attend. The King Ranch Visitor Center will host a Winged Wonder Tour on Friday and Sunday. For more information and to schedule a tour, contact them at (361) 592-8055. On Friday, there will also be a Monarch 5K run at Dick Kleberg Park at 6pm where every participant will receive a butterfly metal.

On Saturday, Oct. 2 you can learn how to plant your own Xeriscape Garden, see a tent full of butterflies as experts tag and release Monarch butterflies, and enjoy arts and crafts. Presentations will be held at the Park Recreation Center beginning at 10am.You can also take a self-guided Monarch City USA Butterfly Buds Gardens Tour around Kingsville. The gardens are located at the Kingsville Visitors Center at 1501 N. Highway 77, Kingsville Xeriscape Garden at 206 E. Yoakum, 1904 Historic Train Depot at 102 E. Kleberg Ave., King Ranch Visitor Center at 2205 W. Hwy 141, and Dick Kleberg Park at 501 Santiago Park Lane. For more information, contact the Kingsville Visitors Center at (361) 592-8516.

Police seek information on fatal crash

On Tuesday afternoon (3:34 PM), Kingsville Police responded to a crash at U.S. Highway 77 and Corral Avenue. A northbound pickup was pulling a trailer that became unhitched and crossed the median and struck a southbound Ford F-150.

The Ford struck the metal crash guard barrier, flipped and rolled, ejecting the driver of the southbound Ford. The male was pronounced dead at the scene. The trailer struck the concrete barrier and was deflected into the median. The pickup that was pulling the trailer initially stopped, then left the scene, continuing northbound on Highway 77.

It is described as a grey, dually pickup. The driver of the Ford F150 was identified as Jonathan Limas (46) of Weslaco.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the grey dually pickup or the driver of that vehicle, or if you can identify this trailer (see attached photo), call Kingsville Police Department at 361-592-4311 or Kingsville Crime Stoppers at 361-592-INFO (4636) or online at

Veterans question city on flags

An oversight by the City of Kingsville led to a discussion regarding the placement of 48 American flags on Kleberg Street by the VFW intended to honor veterans during veteran holidays, a tradition of more than 20 years in the city.

During the City of Kingsville Commission meeting held Monday September 27, Christopher Torres of VFW Post 2375 asked the commission about the issue of the flags down Kleberg Street.

"I remember every parade we had, one of our responsibilities was to post flags and holders that were permanent fixtures in the sidewalks," Torres said, adding that the new sidewalks do not have those fixtures. Torres also noted there seems to be miscommunication as to who is responsible for putting the flags up, the city or the VFW. Another question that came up was if the new sidewalks would be outfitted with the flag holders or if they would be retrofitted.

"For twenty plus years, Veterans Day, Memorial Day and now Patriots Day should have those flags lined up in the streets," Torres said. "We, as an organization, want to know what the city's plans are to either continue this tradition or take over putting up the flags."

Commissioner Anne Marie Torres opened the discussion regarding the flags explaining that on the new areas there are not placeholders for the flags, then added the city's new master plan did not show those placeholders.

Commissioner Torres said it was discussed about adding brackets, but the flags normally placed by the VFW did not fit the brackets the city had in-stalled. In addition, a lift is required and the flags bought by the city to be placed were smaller than the ones that have been placed in years past. She added that on Patriots Day (9/11) no flags were placed.

"The flags were missed because it was said nobody told them to put the flags out," Commissioner Torres said.

Fugate said it was a mistake on their part to not make the holes in the sidewalk as that would make it a lot easier.

"But now we got a brand-new sidewalk and I don't think were interested in drilling holes," Fugate said.

Fugate asked City Manager Mark McLaughlin about the other side of the sidewalk. McLaughlin said that between the 6th and 7th streets, those are not done. Fugate asked if holes can be added to the remaining sidewalks that are yet to be upgraded.

"Of course, we can do anything," McLaughlin responded. "There's nothing that's stopping us from putting a hole, I just... you put $400,000 in the sidewalk. I'd hate to drill a hole in it because in 20 years it's going to crack, but if that's what you all want to do, I'd be more than happy to send the guys out there."

Commissioner Torres said price should not be an issue when it comes to honoring veterans.

"I mean $400,000 is pennies in a bucket regarding to what all our veterans have done," Commissioner Torres said. "We've got WWII vets, Iraq, Afghanistan, a Korean War veteran who is 93 years old, and he's been doing this a long time and we're going to put a price of $400,000?"

Fugate Told McLaughlin that it's important to

put the flags downtown as everyone was in accordance.

"I'm sure you do too being a veteran," Fugate told McLaughlin.

Fugate tasked McLaughlin to look into options and report back to the commission at a later date.

During the comments section of the meeting Commissioner, Norma Alvarez asked what the city of would do or if the city was prepared if there was an influx of immigrants coming. She also asked if the city had a place to house them if need be.

"I'll assure you that the City of Kingsville is not going to be in the immigration business," Mayor Sam Fugate responded. "That's a job for the federal government and we're going to insist they step in and do their job.

Fugate added that law enforcement people are here to serve the citizens and protect us.

"If there's any violations, I'm sure that (Kingsville Police) Chief (Ricardo) Torres and his troops will be there to assist," Fugate said adding that this was not like Katrina when the city opened its doors to evacuees.

"This is a totally different situation and the federal government needs to stand up and do their job... and that's their job and not ours," Fugate said.

In other commission news, Fugate read a proclamation for National Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention Month

"I've been practicing law here in Kingsville for 43 years and if you don't think that family violence is a problem that we have in our community you're sadly mistaken," Fugate said. "It happens every day here in Kingsville and we need to make sure that we do everything possible to protect our citizens from such a horrible experience."

The next City Commission meeting will take place on Tuesday Oct. 12 at 5pm at the Helen Kleberg Groves Community Room.