Kleberg County officials voted Monday to subscribe county employees and their beneficiaries to HALO-Flight services, in an effort to “take care of our employees.”

HALO-Flight’s mission is to provide emergency medical transport for critically ill or injured persons requiring medical or trauma facilities within the South Texas service area. Emergency assistance is provided to all persons regardless of their ability to pay, according to the HALO-Flight website.

Kleberg County Judge Rudy Madrid said at this week’s Kleberg County Commissioners meeting, he and Pct. 2 Kleberg County Commissioner Chuck Schultz did research into the HALO-Flight Guardian insurance program, and they felt subscribing to the service was a benefit employees deserved.

“(It’s needed) in the event that (employees) have what I call a catastrophic health event, whether it’s an accident on the highway or whether they’re admitted to the emergency room or the ICU and they need to be ‘HALO-Flighted’ to San Antonio or Corpus Christi for specialized services,” Madrid said.

Madrid said the rate for each plan will be $15 annually per county employee, both part-time and full-time, which also includes the person’s family members.

The money for each plan will be paid for by the Kleberg County Commissioner’s reserve fund, “as a gift on behalf of Kleberg County to our employees and their beneficiaries.”

Wendy Greer, a representative of HALO-Flight services spoke at the meeting and said the service is a great benefit for employees.

“You have two very bad days of your life,” Greer said. “The first one is having to be flown, obviously that’s major and then the second worst day of your life is when you receive the bill; from both doctors and hospitals, and of course then for the medical treatment. And so what (the plan) does, is what we call debt forgiveness. If they are flown, whatever the insurance doesn’t pay, the (remaining) balance, there’s that debt forgiveness, which is the whole purpose of this program or this plan.”

Greer said the insurance plan for HALO-Flight is also available for anyone in the area who is interested, with plans starting as low as $35 for one year, $95 for three years and $150 for five years.

Guardian Subscription Plan Members with medical and/or automobile insurance coverage are not charged out-of-pocket expenses for HALO-Flight, Inc. transports deemed medically necessary. Members enrolled in the Subscription Plan who do not have medical and/or automobile insurance coverage will receive a 50-percent discount on their HALO-Flight transport bill.

For more information about HALO-Flight services, visit haloflight.org or call (361) 265-0509.

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