American Red Cross hand out supplies

American Red Cross volunteers gave out supplies to Kingsville residents Monday to aid in cleanup following last week's storm.

Since 8 a.m. Monday, volunteers with the American Red Cross have been at the Kleberg County Health and Human Services Building located at 1109 E. Santa Gertrudis Ave. handing out cleanup supplies to Kingsville residents recovering from the aftermath of Thursday’s storm.

“We are providing cleanup kits, bleach, tarps, gloves, bottled water and just boosting morale,” American Red Cross Disaster Program Manager D’Ann Ross said.

Ross said at this time, the American Red Cross is not giving out any food to residents.

“We do have a damage assessment team out on the street right now, and we will regroup and see what we have going on,” she said. “But as of right now, we are just doing cleanup supplies.”

Ross said volunteers were initially set to continue handing out supplies through 7 p.m. Monday evening. However, by noon she said they were “almost completely depleted of supplies.”

“It’s been extremely successful, but we didn’t think the supplies would be depleted so quickly,” Ross said. “I just got off the phone and we’re going to get more supplies down here as soon as possible.”

Ross said because the cleanup supplies will be coming in from Houston, it would be in the evening or possibly Tuesday morning before they will have more to hand out.

“But if we can start it up again any sooner, we will definitely get the word out,” she said.

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