Adam Williams

The Kleberg County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warrant for the arrest of a man in connection with the deaths of James and Michelle Butler, whose bodies were discovered on a Kleberg County beach a few days ago.

Kleberg County Sheriff Richard Kirkpatrick said an arrest warrant has been issued for Adam Curtis Williams, 33, for felony theft.

Kirkpatrick said investigators believe Williams is the man driving the Butlers’ stolen vehicle in the photo released by the KCSO yesterday morning.

District Attorney of Kleberg and Kenedy Counties John T. Hubert said Williams has two moles on his face, one above his left eye and one on his left cheek, and tattoos that noticeably cover his neck.

Kirkpatrick said Williams is considered to be armed and dangerous, and the public should not approach him, but should contact the proper authorities if Williams is seen.

The KCSO has also identified the woman who is seen in the photograph as Amanda Noverr, 32, but Kirkpatrick said she is still considered only as a person of interest.

Surveillance provided to the KCSO showed that a dog may have been with the individuals as well, Kirkpatrick said.

“Both these individuals are from the Utah area,” Kirkpatrick added.

Kirkpatrick said investigators believe the couple has fled to Mexico, and authorities are working with Mexican law enforcement to locate the individuals.

“We don’t have any reason to believe (Williams and Noverr) are still in the area,” Kirkpatrick said.

Hubert said authorities received information regarding the two individuals in the photo they released to the public almost immediately after the press conference Monday.

Kirkpatrick said anyone with information on the individuals and their whereabouts should contact the Kleberg County Sheriffs Office at (361) 595-8500 ext. 1238, or e-mail

KCSO officials said the Butlers had last been seen at the Padre Balli Park around noon on Oct. 14.

The couple’s RV and truck were then parked near Beach Marker 263 on Padre Island, according to a Facebook post by Michelle Butler on Oct. 15, officials said.

Friends of the couple reportedly told investigators the two were traveling to Fort Lauderdale, Fla. and were scheduled to arrive there Nov. 20.

The couple was reported missing by family members on Oct. 16, and the bodies were discovered in a shallow grave on Padre Island on Oct. 27.

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