Bonds have been set at $1 million each for the two suspects who were arrested on murder charges in the shooting death of two brothers last week.

David Isassi, 30, and Iziah Lopez, 18, were arrested last Tuesday on outstanding warrants for cases unrelated to the shooting. They have since been charged with murder in the deaths of Adan Villarreal, 41, and Jose Villarreal, 37.

Adan and Jose Villarreal, who were brothers and lived in Alice, were found with multiple gunshot wounds at the Utopian Apartments in the 1700 block of N. 1st St. around 8:30 p.m. last Monday, May 13.

According to a press release from the Kingsville Police Department, when officers arrived on the scene they found one brother at the bottom of the stairs of the “A” building at the apartment complex. The second brother was found inside apartment 2A.

Both men were transported to Christus Spohn Hospital-Kleberg, where they later died from their injuries.

Isassi is being held at the Kleberg County Jail on a charge of murder. He is also charged with failure to ID/intent to give false information, after he allegedly provided a false name to investigators when they first contacted him.

In addition to those charges, he was being held on an outstanding warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in a separate case.

Lopez is charged with murder and burglary of a habitation. He is also being held on five outstanding city warrants.

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