The Boys and Girls Club of Kingsville will host its annual barbecue bash later this month, in an effort to raise funds for future projects for the organization.

This year’s fifth annual fundraiser will be geared toward raising money for another facility for the BGCK.

“Our overall goal every year is to help with funds so we can continue to grow the program and the facility,” BGCK Chief Executive Officer John Perez said. “However, this year’s main focus in our annual fundraiser is going toward our new gym that we are looking to build beginning in 2020.”

Perez said this year’s fundraiser is going to be different from previous events, because instead of asking donors to purchase tables for the night, the organization wants to make it more about those who have helped them in the past.

“So this year, we’re doing it a little bit different,” he said. “We’re doing it almost as a thank you to all of our funders and all of our supporters who have helped us in the past, and it’s geared toward our gym. We are making it a free event to those who are invited.”

Perez said although the barbecue bash will take place on Sept. 26, if community members want to donate earlier or on the day of the event, they can always do so online at, and Perez said all donations given through November will have an added benefit through the Coastal Bend Day of Giving. The day of giving is an annual event hosted by the Coastal Bend Community Foundation.

“Anybody who gives during this time right now, what we are doing is we’re going to put that (donation) toward our Day of Giving,” Perez said. “And through that Day of Giving, (the donations) are going to be doubled. So anybody who gives on that night or for the next several weeks, it goes toward that specific gym, and the donation is going to be doubled through that Day of Giving. So that’s pretty good.”

The deadline to RSVP for the event is Sept. 20.

The event will include a cake auction, a social hour with drinks available for attendees, performances by members of the BGCK and a guest speaker.

The guest speaker will be former tight end and long snapper for the Texas A&M University Aggies and Seattle Seahawks, and NASCAR pit crew member for Danica Patrick, Boone Stutz.

Perez said the event will play a major role in “leading the charge” for the eventual expansion of the organization in Kingsville.

“I think what we need to do is focus on that gymnasium,” Perez said. “We’re looking to have that second gym so we can provide more services, more activities, more games and more sports for children in our community. You know, as it is right now we’ve had our one gym and we’re kind of limited as to how many games and sports we can play at a time. So, with this second gym, we’re hoping it’s going to take us to another level and serve more children. And we’re looking to begin this project in January of 2020 if we reach our goals, so we do want people to help us with this. And we are also doing a level of sponsorship where you can have a plaque put up on the new gymnasium wall as being part of the giving procedure for the new gym. We’re excited for it.”

The event will take place on Sept. 26 at 6 p.m. at the BGCK gym on 1238 East Kenedy Ave.

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