City of Kingsville

The City of Kingsville has agreed to enter into a new interlocal agreement with Kleberg County involving the ownership and operation of the J.K. Northway Center. The new arrangement will replace the old agreement with just a few changes.

The new agreement was made because the county has an opportunity to apply for and possibly receive a $10 million grant to make improvements to the center. 

Under the new agreement, the county now will be responsible for all operational and maintenance costs of J.K. Northway. 

While the county will own and operate the J.K. Northway Center, the city will still pay a portion of professional service costs and other items agreed upon. 

The agreement also allows the county to reduce its payments to the city for the operation of the facility and park down to $465,000. Currently the county is paying $550,000.

The agreement also defines the geographic boundaries of city and county responsibilities with respect to Dick Kleberg Park and the J.K. Northway. The roads on the property will define the area the county will maintain and what the city will maintain, with the city responsible for the maintenance of the roads. All property lying between the existing roads where the J.K. Northway Center is located will be county responsibility.

The commission passed the agreement by a vote of 3-1, with commissioner Hector Hinojosa dissenting.

In other action before the city on Monday night:

--Mayor Sam Fugate presented a certificate of appreciation to outgoing NAS-Kingsville Commandant Captain Eric Spitzer for his work in improving the facility and for his willingness to work with the city. Following the presentation to Captain Spitzer, Mayor Fugate presented the Key to the City to Capt. Spitzer and his wife Brooke;

--The city agreed to waive all late fees for utility payments from March 31, 2002 to August 31, 2020 with two provisos. According to City Manager Mac McLaughlin, if a person who has a late fee attached to a utility payment pays their regular bills in full by August 31, all late fees will be waived. In addition, if a person who has incurred late fees makes a payment plan with the city prior to August 31 to pay off their regular utility fees, all late fees will be waived. Failure to do either of the two options will mean the late fees will be due and payable;

--The city Trash Off Day scheduled for this Saturday, June 27, has been cancelled due to the spread of the novel coronavirus. The regular fall day is still on the schedule.

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