After a week of hard work and a lot of community members volunteering their time and items, one of the first COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic’s in the state of Texas opened.

Without the five individuals who consistently work in the clinic and occasional volunteers who help in the clinic, this clinic would not be possible.

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I live 4-5 hours away from Kingsville and still not able to get the Covid vaccine because I don't have the age (I'm only 64) and I have no medical issues and was informed online by my local Health Dept. that I would basically have to wait until my turn arrives perhaps in May 2021. I will be coming to Kingsville this week and again mid April. Am I able to just Walk-In to your Kingville clinic and get the 1st dose instantly?


Hello, anyone /clinic/ or news reporter have an answer for me please?

I will be in Kingsville on Wednesday 3/31/21.

Thank you


I would like to thank Publisher Terry Fitzwater for this message} Hi you have to make an appointment at the clinic ahead of time. Every Monday in April, Chirstus Spohn is holsting all day inoculations. First come first serve...Today (4/02/21) I checked out of my hotel still with no vaccine into my willing shoulder but I am still hopeful. When I arrived to Kingsville, I went to the clinic involved from this story I was approached by Benjamin Gonzalez and he redirected me to the Park area. I arrived and found myself to be "end of the line" with 2-3 hour wait. I had to decline due to other pre funeral priorities etc

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