Kleberg County’s count of total positive COVID-19 cases has reached 14 as of Tuesday morning, after three new cases were added to last week’s total.

The 12th case, which was announced last Thursday, is a man in his 50’s who had close contact with another positive case of COVID-19, Kleberg County and City of Kingsville officials said.

On Friday, two more cases were announced by officials, as two women in their 20’s were confirmed by officials.

The cases were unrelated, officials said, as one case was caused by person-to-person contact with another positive case of COVID-19, while the other is a community-spread case.

Local officials have not been notified if the recent positive cases are results of the free testing administered by the Texas Military Department at the Kleberg County and City of Kingsville Remote Joint Testing Site at Dick Kleberg Park.

All three cases remain in isolation, officials said.

Officials said they are still awaiting confirmation on two more cases, which can possibly be added to Kleberg County’s total count. More information on those two possible cases will be available at a later date.

Cases that have been removed from isolation has also increased, officials said, with a total count of nine.

Free testing also took place on Monday at Dick Kleberg Park with a total of 46 tests administered to those in the area.

Altogether, 496 tests have been administered to both in-county and out-of-county residents. 

Those who have not received their test results, but would like to be notified after the 96 hour waiting period, are asked to e-mail, officials said.


Texas begins phase two of reopening

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced on Monday that the State of Texas is ready to begin phase two of reopening businesses. 

The second phase includes opening gyms, personal care services, businesses located in offices, youth clubs, childcare facilities, and youth programs to operate at 25 percent of their occupancy.

Tomorrow, restaurants are also allowed to operate at 50 percent of their capacity. The capacity guidelines do not include outdoor activities.

Bowling alleys, bars, bingo halls, breweries, skating rinks and aquariums can open their doors at 25 percent capacity along with other restrictive guidelines.

Some of the guidelines for bars includes offering table service instead of allowing patrons at the bar, removing bar stools, no groups of more than six people, maintaining social distance of at least six feet apart, discouraging dancing and close-knit activities and using disposable glasses, silverware. Bars can also recommend patrons wear face masks, although that is not a state requirement.

Local youth sports and professional sports may also be ready to operate as soon as May 31, and includes football, volleyball, baseball, softball, basketball, tennis and golf.

Abbott said local school districts will also be allowed to operate for summer school programs as long as they follow social distancing.

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