Rudy Madrid

Kleberg County Judge Rudy Madrid (File Photo)

Community leaders filled the H.M. King High School FEMA dome last Thursday evening for an emergency meeting called by the Kleberg County Judge Rudy Madrid.

School board members and superintendents from Kingsville Independent School District, Ricardo Independent School District, Santa Gertrudis Independent School District, Bishop Independent School District, Riviera Independent School District and Jubilee came together to discuss their safety plan for the upcoming school year.

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First off, thank you to Laura Newman (reporter) for this story creating AWARENESS.

Kingsville-Quote: “The only way we can beat this is if we all work together,” Madrid said.

Kingsville-Quote: Chirstus Spohn Hospital Kleberg President, Rick Morin said the majority of the COVID-19 patients becoming hospitalized are UNvaccinated.

The New York Times (6 days ago) story headline titled} Crowded Events. No Masks. Then a Coronavirus Diagnosis for Gov. Abbott of Texas.

(The first shared ONLINE paragraph sentence}

"The announcement that Gov. Greg Abbott had tested positive for the coronavirus came amid a pitched battle over public health measures in schools and a new surge in hospitalizations."

My (own common sense) observation respectfully is: REMIND everyone to get VACCINATED. It's a NO Brainer.

I'd like to publicly say} Thank you for SCiENCE.

I wish our Tex Gov. a speedy recovery.

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