Fire department holds 'Backing In' ceremony

Members of the community help push the City of Kingsville’s newest fire truck into the station as part of the traditional ‘backing in’ ceremony last Wednesday. 

The Kingsville Fire Department welcomed its newest additions to its vehicle fleet during the department’s Fire Apparatus and Ambulance Back-In Ceremony last Wednesday night.

The ceremony took place at Fire Station 1 at 10th Street and Yoakum Avenue for the arrival of the department’s new fire engine and ambulance.

Kingsville Fire Chief Adrian Garcia opened the ceremony by welcoming everyone to the event and addressed the audience on the purpose of the ceremony.

“It’s always an honor and a pleasure to share with you all one of our oldest traditions in the fire service,” Garcia said. “Which is celebrating and placing not just one, but two new apparatuses into service within our community.”

Garcia said the new fire engine is a 2019 Pierce Enforcer PUC, which has an up-to-date pump that holds up to 1,000 gallons of water.

“The other unique thing about this vehicle is that it has what we call a rescue body,” Garcia said. “So, we’re able to put additional equipment (on the vehicle) so our personnel are responding with all the equipment they need, instead of having to bring two or three vehicles along with them. By doing so, that helps increase our scene safety, increase safety for our personnel, and of course, be able to serve our community a lot better because we have the equipment readily available.”

The new ambulance is a 2019 Ford F-450 with a wheeled coach box, Garcia said, and it will be replacing an older unit in Fire Station 2. The unit will carry all required medical supplies and medications to serve the community, Garcia said.

“This apparatus will assist and ensure that our Kingsville Fire Department continues to meet our mission of providing excellent public safety to our community and its residents for years to come,” Garcia said.

Deacon Raul Rosales with St. Martin’s Catholic Church gave an invocation, blessing both vehicles and sprinkling them with holy water, and also prayed over the emergency personnel.

Kingsville City Commissioners Hector Hinojosa and Edna Lopez both spoke at the event, thanking the first responders for all they do for the community.

City of Kingsville Fire Marshall Ron Lee shared the significance of the back-in ceremony for all those in attendance.

Lee said with early fire engines, ladders and wagons had to be pushed wherever they were needed for fires. Horse-drawn engines eventually replaced those hand-pushed fire engines, but when they were returned to the station, the fire fighters or volunteers in the community would assist in pushing the wagon back into the station.

“We appreciate the community’s support in what today means for us,” Garcia said at the end of the ceremony. “We could not thank you all enough for being here to celebrate our new apparatus. We look forward to continuing to help our community any way we can.”

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