Two men were arrested on multiple weapons charges after a traffic stop resulted in the discovery of half a dozen handguns and some cocaine inside their vehicle.

Josue Gamez, 20, and Erasmo Moreno, 36, residents of San Juan, were arrested Friday after Kleberg County Sherriff’s deputies uncovered six firearms and small amounts of cocaine inside the vehicle the men traveled in. 

Kleberg County Sheriff Richard Kirkpatrick said the two men were traveling southbound on U.S. Highway 77 at about 5:30 p.m. when they were stopped for a traffic violation.

The two men gave conflicting stories to the KCSO officer about their destination, which raised suspicion, Kirkpatrick said.

The driver of the vehicle, Moreno, gave consent to search the vehicle, and sheriff’s deputies located small bags of cocaine during the search.

“Once the officers got to the trunk area, and they looked in a bag inside of the trunk, that’s when they discovered the guns,” Kirkpatrick said.

The handguns were all wrapped in vacuum-sealed plastic bags, which Kirkpatrick said is consistent with firearm and drug smuggling.

“There’s only one purpose for what they’re going to do (vacuum sealed), and that’s just to bring these guns back into Mexico for the sole purpose of supplying the drug cartel,” Kirkpatrick said. “This is not consistent with somebody wanting to go out and buy a gun and we have to kind of put that into perspective. It looks like the (Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives) will be taking the case and filing federal charges against these individuals, and we’re waiting to hear back from ATF on that.”

Both men are facing charges of theft of a firearm and firearms smuggling.

Moreno will also be charged with possession of a controlled substance.

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