The following students have been recognized in the Kaufer High School Honor Roll:

Seventh Grade “A” Honor Roll: Samantha Barker, Peyton Borden, Layla Cantu, Philip Dobson, Elizabeth Lugo, Ian Mayberry, Trista Mendietta, Adrianna Ramirez, Skylar Ramos, Alyssa Reynoso and Leroy Salinas.

Seventh Grade “A-B” Honor Roll: Hailey Alegria, Isabel Hubert, Caitlin Medlock, Lyndsay Perez, Ervay Ramos, Hailey Shugart, Mary Smith and Briany Texta.

Eighth Grade “A” Honor Roll: Oliver Holland, Alejandro Jimenez, Paul Craig May, Danielle Nino, Shalyn Medrano, Jalena Salinas and Riana Trevino.

Eighth Grade “A-B” Honor Roll: Gianna Cantu, Jasmin Longoria and Calista Medrano.

Ninth Grade “A” Honor Roll: Gabriel De La Rosa, Zailey Flannery, Meagan May and Ciana Powell.

Ninth Grade “A-B” Honor Roll: Cooper Buamgardt, Gabriel Bautista, Sienna Deneweth, Destiny Gallardo, Jayson Hubert, Adam Longoria, Caleb Medlock, Vanessa Pina, Allyssa Quintanilla, Jaelyn Ramos, Loren Tabor and Elissa Utley.

Tenth Grade “A” Honor Roll: Wyatt Henske, Larryna Holland, Joslyn Lerma, John Mayberry, Wendy Nelson and Nelson Reyes.

Tenth Grade “A-B” Honor Roll: Kristian Alexander, Daniel Cantu, Westin Chambliss, Makayla Folts, Ezekiel Hubert and Adrian Lopez.

Eleventh Grade “A” Honor Roll: Noah Garcia, Raven Girgan, Mary Godfrey, Layla McKnight,  Serina Molina, Collin Norrell, Brianna Pena and Anyssa Tijerina.

Eleventh Grade “A-B” Honor Roll: Madison Alegria

Twelfth Grade “A” Honor Roll: Kendall Huff

Twelfth Grade “A-B” Honor Roll: Justin Benton, Hannah Borden, Bryson Bull, McKahla De La Rosa, Ashley Garcia, Daliaha Garcia, Bryce Griffith, Jose Jacquez and Alexandra Trevino.

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