In honor of June being designated as “Pride” month, PRIDE Kingsville and the Haus of Royals CC Productions hosted the inaugural PRIDE Kingsville event last weekend to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community that resides in Kingsville.

The event was an all inclusive, family friendly environment which Pride organizer Izzy Perez said was “really important to have for the city.”

“To spread awareness about the rights that we (LGBTQ+) are fighting for is a must,” Perez said. “But we’re also just here to live our lives. We’re human, we’re also part of the community and we give back to our community no matter what, whether you’re gay, straight, lesbian or (bisexual). Most of our vendors here are local vendors from Kingsville, and we wanted to give back to Kingsville since they have been so nice to us.”

Another reason Perez said he wanted to emphasize inclusiveness in the event was so families could be exposed to unfamiliar territories and be educated on what it’s like to be in the shoes of the LGBTQ+ community.

In organizing the event, Perez said it wasn’t difficult to get some of the vendors involved because most of them had also attended Corpus Christi Pride, and those allies made putting the “Block Party” portion of the day together.

Some of the vendors included Paparazzi, Nimagovi Fotos, Women’s and Men’s Health Services in Kingsville, Kingsville Animal Advocates, and other independent local vendors.

Along with vendors, kids were able to do activities such as playing on a small basketball hoop, jumping in a bouncy house and playing in a duck pond for prizes.

When the sun went down, the family portion of the event concluded with a PG-13 drag show, put on by Haus of Royals CC Productions, which Perez owns.

The show included a few performers who came out “dressed to impress” and play the parts of such acts as Whitney Houston, or as their female or male counterparts.

“The drag show is for the kids so they can see that what they see on TV, and what the parents also see on TV, is not what’s really portrayed,” Perez said. “You know, some of our entertainers can actually be very kid friendly or prefer to only do kid friendly songs. It’s not always what it seems on TV.”

Following the first show, the adult show took place, to conclude the event.

Perez said being able to hold the event in the first place was what made it successful.

“I feel pretty accomplished,” Perez said. “To pull off an event like this and actually have quite a few vendors out here supporting and bringing their families out here to be part of this. It’s actually not really overwhelming because I just really enjoy it and I have a big smile on my face. Oh my goodness, I just threw an idea out there and it blew up bigger than what I expected.”

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