The Kingsville Independent School District has cancelled summer school effective immediately, officials said on Thursday afternoon.

In a phone interview on Thursday, KISD Interim Superintendent Kamara Adams said she made the decision this morning due to safety concerns involving increased COVID-19 cases, and is “not taking the decision lightly.”

“I don’t feel like I can look directly into a parents eyes and say ‘I can keep your kids safe,’” Adams said. “When we bring the kids back, we want to make sure we can do it right, while keeping the kids completely safe. It seems like now is not the right time to have the kids on campus.”

Adams said the KISD “has a few different ideas,” to begin instruction for the upcoming school year, but still needs to work on the details to ensure all students have access to any materials that may be required for whatever plan they choose.

“We are working on acquiring all the technology and other resources needed for students,” she said. “When we have a plan in place and have everything we need, we will inform parents of the plan of action.”

On Monday, Adams relayed the decision to the KISD Board of Trustees, including a decision made by Athletic Director Mike Davila to cancel speed camp for athletics.

Davila provided a statement to the Kingsville Record earlier in the week about the decision to cancel the camp.

“KISD Athletics has decided to shut down the summer strength and conditioning program until further notice,” Davila said. “We do not have any cases or anyone with symptoms, we are simply being proactive to the current situation with COVID-19.  The safety and health of all of our student-athletes is our number one priority and we want all of our kids to be able to compete when the fall rolls around. 

“We will continue to post workouts and follow our student-athletes via emails and reminds to continue on the work that they have started this past week.”

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