After being left in limbo during last week’s meeting, six administrators will remain employed with the Kingsville Independent School District after their contracts were automatically renewed per state statute when the school board failed to give them notice 10 days prior to the end of the academic year. 

The school board had been discussing employment contracts for district staff and administrators in closed session since their May 5 special meeting, but had taken no action until the May 21 special meeting. 

During the May 21 meeting, the board approved professional and probationary contracts for teachers and staff for the 2020-21 school year in a 6-0 vote. Board trustee Lynn Yaklin was absent during the meeting. 

With the district’s administrator contracts, however, the board removed six administrators from the list before approving the remainder in a 3-2 split vote with one abstention. Those six individuals were: 

  • Daniel Smith, assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction, who was hired in a 5-2 split on Dec. 9, 2019; 

  • Abigail Barton, executive director of school improvement, who was hired in a 6-0 vote on July 18, 2019 as the Harvey Elementary School principal and then named to her current position on Dec. 9, 2019 in a 5-2 split; 

  • MaHogany Daniel, who was hired in a 4-3 split as H.M. King High School principal on July 15, 2019, and currently serves as an assistant principal for the district; 

  • Greg Mihleder, H.M. King High School principalwho took over the position in January from Daniel; 

  • Analese Tennyson, Perez Elementary School interim principal, who was hired as the assistant principal for Gillett Intermediate School in a 6-1 split on Aug. 5, 2019; and 

  • John Trevino, Harrel Elementary School principal who was hired in a 4-3 split on July 15, 2019. 

The remaining six contracts were placed on the agenda for Tuesday’s regular meeting, which was attended by dozens of supporters – including teachers, students and parents – who voiced their support for Trevino through handmade signs, emails and speeches during public participation. 

After convening in closed session for about 30 minutes, the board returned and Interim Superintendent Kamara Adams recommended renewing all six administrator contracts. Trustee Lynn Yaklin made the motion in favor, and was seconded by trustee Brian Coufal. 

Prior to the vote, however, Board President Brandon Greenwood announced that the contracts automatically renewed. 

According to the Texas Education Code Sec. 21.206, a district’s board of trustees “shall notify in writing each teacher whose contract is about to expire whether the board proposes to renew or not renew the contract” no later than “the 10th day before the last day of instruction.” 

Failure to give said notice in the required time specified, the statute states, “constitutes an election to employ the teacher in the same professional capacity for the following school year. 

Kingsville ISD’s last day of instruction is June 5, which did not allow adequate time to inform the administrators in writing of the board’s decision at Tuesday’s meeting.

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