The Kingsville Independent School District Board of Trustees approved in a 4-3 split vote Tuesday evening authorizing legal counsel to post and begin accepting applications for the district’s superintendent position.

Prior to the vote, which came after nearly an hour of discussion in closed session, board trustee Cory Garza said posting the position at this time was “still a little bit premature.”

“I think we need a little bit more time in our timeline,” Garza said.

Garza said with the school board election “in exactly six months,” he felt they were “moving way too fast on this superintendent search that we’re fixing to post.”

On May 2, four KISD school board seats will be up for election: Place 4, currently held by Lynn Yaklin, Place 5, held by Nick Prado, Place 6, held by Board Secretary Corando Garza, and Place 7, held by Board Vice-President Brandon Greenwood.

The motion to post the superintendent position passed 4-3, with Board President Brian Coufal, Greenwood, Yaklin and Steven Crites in favor and Corando Garza, Cory Garza and Prado against.

In an interview after the meeting, Coufal said the position will be posted “just like any other job vacancy” in the KISD.

“And nothing can happen until it’s been posted for a certain period of time,” he said.

Kamara Adams, the KISD’s assistant superintendent of support services, has served as the district’s interim superintendent since Sept. 27 following the resignation of former superintendent, Elida Bera, on Sept. 23.

Bera was hired in November 2018 and served as the district’s superintendent for less than 10 months.

Anthony Ruiz can be contacted at or (361) 221-0251.

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