The piers and shores of Baffin Bay, Loyola Beach and North Padre Island are now open to individuals outside of Kleberg County, after county officials removed the order to limit occupation at the beaches, piers and boat ramps to only in-county residents.

The beaches within the Kleberg County boundaries previously had a curfew of 8 p.m. under the stay-at-home order issued by county officials on March 27. That order expired on May 1.

The fishing piers and boat ramps in the county have been limited to only residents who live in Kleberg and Kenedy Counties since April 6.

Kleberg County Judge Rudy Madrid said because other Coastal Bend area beaches are opening up to the general public, residents in other areas, like in Corpus Christi, are more likely to remain near their areas.

“The reason why they were hurrying over here was because we were open,” Madrid said at Monday’s county commissioners meeting. “I think that folks are going to be more inclined to stay at their own beaches.”

Pct. 3 County Commissioner Roy Cantu asked if the piers would also be opened to out-of-county residents, and Madrid said removing the order includes making the piers available to all individuals.

Madrid said he is asking those visiting from other counties to please be “sensitive” to the senior citizens who live out in the areas near Loyola Beach and Kaufer-Hubert Memorial Park.

“If you’re out there, we have got to maintain social distancing by all means,” Madrid said.

Madrid also urged those visiting and others who live in the area to be mindful of trash and waste out near the areas, in order to limit the amount of litter seen at the beaches and piers.

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