Kleberg County under Stay at Home order

Kleberg County Judge Rudy Madrid (File Photo)

A stay-at-home order has been announced for residents in Kleberg County, effective 11:59 p.m. on Friday, March 27 and running until April 8 at 11:59 p.m. in order to prevent the spread of the novel coronavrius, county officials said.

The order was announced at a press conference on Thursday morning by Kleberg County Judge Rudy Madrid.

The order states, “All individuals currently living within Kleberg County are orders to shelter at their place of residence.” 

All businesses not deemed essential businesses in the order are to cease all activities at facilities located within Kleberg County, the release states.

However, businesses may continue operations “consisting exclusively” of employees working from home.

All essential businesses shall comply with six feet apart social distancing guidelines.

Essential businesses include healthcare operations such as hospitals and clinics; government functions; critical infrastructure, such as maintenance-type work; education and research for “distance learning” operations; transportation providers, such as taxis; essential retail such as grocery stores and gas stations; food, shelter and social services, trash and recycling collection, news media and childcare and adult care services.

Restaurants may provide take out, delivery or drive-thru services with the order.

The order also allows for residents to leave their homes for essential activities, which include obtaining medical supplies or visiting a health care provider; to grocery shop or purchase any other materials necessary for maintenance of a residence; to engage in outdoor activities for exercise, while practicing social distancing; and to care for family members or pets in another household.

The order also states that all beaches within Kleberg County boundaries are open with regular hours of operation, except will have a curfew of 8 p.m.

All city and county parks are open for regular hours of operation.

Nothing in the order affects orders or agreements regarding child-related visitation or custody arrangements, the order states.

Kleberg County still has no positive cases of the novel coronavirus, Madrid said, as residents have been tested since the opening of the Kleberg County and City of Kingsville COVID-19 Regional collection site was opened on March 21.

This is a developing story. Check back to Kingsvillerecord.com for updates.

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