A prayer blessing was held last Thursday outside of the Retama Park Baptist Church for the Kleberg County Pregnancy Resource Center’s new mobile unit that was recently purchased to replace the non-profit organization’s older model that has been in use since 2012.

“We’re really excited about having this new vehicle,” KCPRC Executive Director Patti Troell said. “And we can’t wait to start taking it out.”

The non-profit organization helps women in need of assistance with unplanned pregnancies. The mobile unit, which includes ultrasound equipment, serves Brooks, Duval, Jim Hogg, Jim Wells, Kenedy, Kleberg and Nueces counties.

“We’re pro-life, but we don’t push or promote that because we want every woman to come on and not feel that she’s going to be pressured into anything,” Troell said. “We just try to present facts and we give them information so that they can make the best choice for them and their situation.”

Troell said while their older mobile unit is still in “pretty good shape,” it has been through a lot of maintenance and miles during the past seven years.

“We’ve already put two new generators in it,” she said. “And because of the sun, the wrap (around the vehicle that shows the logo) is cracked and faded.”

Troell said the Riviera Telephone Company donated $200,000 to the organization earlier this year for the purchase of the new mobile unit after hearing a story from a former client at their annual banquet.

She said the client was on her way to San Antonio to have an abortion, but then decided she could not go through with it. On her way back home, she saw the KCRPC’s mobile unit in front of Christus Spohn Hospital Kleberg.

“And because of that, she chose to keep her baby,” Troell said. “Now, she’s finished her college, she’s teaching and is fixing to marry the father of the baby. And that’s just one success story out of lots of them.”

The new vehicle cost about $190,000, Troell said, and was assembled by Image Clear Ultrasound in Akron, Ohio.

“And every stage that it went down (during assembly), every individual part is prayed over,” she said. “Which is important to us being faith-based. It just makes us feel so much better to know that.”

The mobile unit also includes a new $32,000 ultrasound machine that Troell said was donated by the Bull Foundation.

“Those are upgraded constantly, so you need those more frequently than a new (vehicle),” she said.

Troell said the mobile unit’s volunteer staff still needs to be trained on the new ultrasound machine, and expects the vehicle to be ready for use before the end of the year

“So we’re still going to be using our old one for a while,” she said. “I’m hoping we’ll be ready within a month’s time.”

She said while the organization is still in possession of their older mobile unit, they are hoping to gift the vehicle to a similar organization in the near future.

“I would love to see it go to the (Rio Grande) Valley,” Troell said. “I know that there’s a need in the Valley, and we do want to gift it and see it back in service.”

Father Joseph Lopez and the Kingsville Prayer Revival conducted last Thursday’s prayer blessing.

For more information on the Kleberg County Pregnancy Resource Center, or to make a donation, call (361) 945-4282.

Anthony Ruiz can be contacted at aruiz@king-ranch.com or (361) 221-0251.

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