Plans for the construction of a 249-lot recreational vehicle park along U.S. Highway 77 in Bishop are currently underway, with the developers hoping to break ground on the project as soon as next month.

“It’s going to be an A-class, state-of-the-art RV park,” Chris Montalvo, co-owner of Seaside Builders LLC, said.

Montalvo said he and his partner, Mohammad Motaghi, will build the new RV park on land they own on the northbound side of Hwy 77. Once constructed, he said the RV park would occupy about 16 acres and include 249 individual pad sites for recreational vehicles, along with two commercial pad sites housing a laundromat and a Subway restaurant.

“We’re going to do it right,” he said. “My partner and I came to the realization that if we are going to do this, then let’s just do it right.”

Montalvo said the RV pad sites would have enough room to hold not just a recreational vehicle, but also two additional cars.

“And they’ll have ample space for barbecuing or whatever it may be,” he said.

Montalvo said one reason he decided to bring an RV park to Bishop was because of the Bishop Consolidated Independent School District’s new baseball and softball complex that is currently under construction.

The athletic complex is one of a handful of projects being financed through a $15.2 million bond approved by Bishop voters last year.

Another goal of the new RV park, Montalvo said, will be to accommodate Winter Texans who travel to South Texas during the fall and winter seasons.

“Winter Texans have Bishop as a destination location for birdwatching,” he said. “And when Winter Texans come in, they stay monthly.”

Montalvo said if done right, the flow of business to the RV park in Bishop could help attract more businesses to the area, including grocery and department stores.

“Everybody has to eat,” he said. “They want to go somewhere nearby for shopping. This is now a destination location which will now expand and bring in the shopping centers.”

“The commercial (businesses) will come when they see that there’s people specifically going to Bishop for certain things, and they are sticking around,” he added. “We have the land, and I can bring in those commercial tenants if I can prove clearly that it is now a destination location.”

Montalvo said the City of Bishop has been “amazing to deal with” while working on the project.

“Bishop has been so good to my partner and I that, with their blessing, I will do everything I can, above and beyond my power, to bring everything they want,” he said.

“They have a big-town mentality,” he added. “They’ve been so creative with us, and because of that, I put my own skin in the game. I’m investing a lot of money with my business partner, and it’s sink or swim.”

Montalvo said he plans to break ground on the RV park in November, with construction to be completed by mid-2020.

“I have a bet with my business partner that I can have it up and running by spring,” he said. “It’s a little optimistic, but honestly, that’s why I closed down half of my projects in (Corpus Christi), so I can be out there. And if I’m out there, work will get done.” 

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