David Rosse

Pct. 1 County Commissioner David Rosse is hopeful voters will keep him seated in the office he has served in since 1992 in the upcoming primary election, to continue work on the changes he is constantly making to the precinct.

The current county commissioner was born and raised in Kingsville and has had family ties to the community since the early 1900s, as a fourth generation resident in the county. 

Rosse said in his time as county commissioner, there have been many projects he has been proud of to have worked on in Precinct 1, including continually paving roads – up to 10 miles a year – and recently completing a drainage project by improving a ditch on County Road 1050, from County Roads 2120 to 2150.

The project, led by Rosse, was funded in 2016 and has since been completed to aid what was a drainage issue in Ricardo.

“We haven’t had a huge rain since we got that project completed,” Rosse said. “But all the rain we’ve had has shown that it’s been a really successful venture.”

Rosse also said he has been able to work with the current county commissioners to successfully balance the county budget every year.

Rosse said one change he has been able to slowly make as well is with the road and bridge fund, which has “lost a tremendous amount of revenue.”

“Revenue went from about $120,000 to between $30,000 to $35,000,” Rosse said. “That’s where we get our money to pave the county roads and to operate our departments. Now, it’s getting back up there so we have money coming in.”

Rosse said keeping up-to-date equipment at the weigh station in Riviera has also been a priority for his staff, and they are making sure they keep the license plate station operational, as well.

“I want to serve this community, I want to serve the people that I consider friends,” Rosse said. “I want to be able to answer their calls and try to help them the best way I can. And for me, I love the day-to-day challenges the job. I don’t always like the politics. I’m not a politician. I’m an elected official and that’s the way I want to keep it.”

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