Macy Wilkinson

Being valedictorian for her senior class was always something Macy Wilkinson had planned since she was a middle school kid living in Colorado.

“Where we last lived, me and my friend were like, ‘It would be so cool to be valedictorian,’ and we both really wanted it,” Macy said. “But we said we’ll both be here, so we both can’t get it. Then we both ended up moving to different places.”

Macy arrived in Kingsville in 2015 with her parents, Daren and Ann Wilkinson, and her siblings. 

Macy said she moved around a lot growing up because of her father’s profession as a football coach, so entering into a new school wasn’t too difficult.

Arriving as an eighth grade student also helped her to get to know her peers better in smaller classroom settings, which she said made coming to Kingsville “the easiest move.”

“Everyone was super nice and friendly,” Macy said. “So, it was a good move. It wasn’t too bad getting settled in at all.”

One year later, she walked the halls of Santa Gertrudis Academy High School, determined to keep her grades as high as she could.

“Whether I was going to be named valedictorian or not, I always wanted to keep up my GPA and, of course, keep up my class rank,” she said. “That was so I could have that to fill out college applications and get into the college I wanted to.”

Aside from being heavily invested in her grades, Macy also participated in a number of activities in her four years at SGA.

She served as president of the National Honor Society, was an active member in Key Club International, HOSA - Future Health Professionals and Spanish club. 

Macy also participated in UIL academics, band and played Tennis through all four years of school.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused school activities to be canceled for the remainder of the year, including senior trips, the prom and the remainder of the final high school sports season for the seniors.

Although Macy said these cancelations saddened her and her classmates, she is glad her school administration has put in the effort to give the seniors a graduation ceremony, despite how different it may be.

“We’re really lucky that our school has tried so hard to have an actual graduation because others school’s don’t get to do that,” she said. “I feel really blessed that our administrators have worked hard for that so that we could at least have something normal for the end of our senior year.”

“Of course, it’s not a normal graduation, but at least we get something,” she added.

Macy plans to attend Brigham Young University in the fall, where she will major in pre-nursing before applying to the nursing program at the same university after two years.

As for advice to soon-to-be high school freshmen, Macy said she challenged herself in AP and college courses, which could help anyone looking to boost their GPA to a higher class ranking if they “work as hard as they can.”

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