The sixth six weeks honor roll for Sarita Elementary has been released.

First Grade “A” Honor Roll: Oran Dodd, Jamie Gonzalez, Sophia Perez, Luke Strauss and Aneya White.

First Grade “A-B” Honor Roll: Derrik Gonzalez and Ashley Texta.

Second Grade “A” Honor Roll: Mason Johnson, Molly Johnson, Angelina Lerma, Liliann Monsevais and Bethany Salinas.

Second Grade “A-B” Honor Roll: Brayden Anderson and Anthony Gonzalez.

Third Grade “A” Honor Roll: Vensly Estes and Mia Ramirez.

Third Grade “A-B” Honor Roll: Daniella Castillo, Jayla Dodd, Preston Johnson, Reagan Rosa and Jordyn Salazar.

Fourth Grade “A” Honor Roll: Cadence De La Rosa.

Fourth Grade “A-B” Honor Roll: Emily Estes, Isaias Gonzalez, Rafael Guevara, Larissa Jimenez and Zion Shelton.

Fifth Grade “A-B” Honor Roll: Jose Guevara, Liam Hinojosa, Adonai Shelton, Baylen Tinsley, Gino Trevino and Dante White.

Sixth Grade “A” Honor Roll: Tenly Lopez and Eliana Utley.

Sixth Grade “A-B” Honor Roll: Eduardo Alvarez, Aaron Ramirez and Ethan Rosa.

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