The Kingsville Main Street Advisory Board is seeking sponsorship donations for an upcoming, and ongoing, community art project that will install several sculptures in Downtown Kingsville on an annual rotating basis.

“We’re hoping to have seven sculptures, but it depends on how much more we can bring in,” Downtown Manager Cynthia Martin said. “We still need about $5,000 to get up to that number.”

Beginning in late November, the art sculptures will be on display for 12 months in a variety of locations in the historic downtown area on or around E. Kleberg Avenue, from the Downtown Pavilion to Kleberg Bank to the K.A. Childs Building across from HEB.

“So the art will be on display in a very public space,” Martin said. “And it will bring people downtown.”

The project started as an idea from Todd Lucas, a Main Street Advisory board member and chair for Texas A&M University-Kingsville’s art department.

“(The board) wanted to do something with art downtown, and I have a family member and another friend who are artists and have been entering these (types of) public art competitions,” Lucas said. “So that’s how it started.”

Lucas said the board then came up with a “very modest budget” of about $12,000 to fund the project.

“And currently, we’ve raised about $7,000 of that,” he said. “So we’re still trying to raise money to finish it up, but we’ve gone live on call for entries for artists.”

Martin said the funds will be used to construct pedestals for the seven selected art sculptures, along with a $1,000 honorarium for the artist of each selected work. TAMUK professors and local artists Jimmy Snowden and Fulden Wissinger will serve as jurors for the project.

“That $1,000 would help them to move (the artwork) and get it all here,” Lucas said. “Because of the size of these large sculptures, it’ll cost money.”

Martin said another advantage for the artist is that the sculptures on display will be for sale, with 20 percent of the sale price going back into the Kingsville Main Street art project to help fund future exhibits.

Lucas said many towns have similar downtown art projects, which he said will help beautify Downtown Kingsville as well as help drive tourism to the area.

“And then next year, we get to change it,” he said. “And then the following year, we get to change it. So we can actually have a rotating downtown art exhibit that will enhance our downtown environment for our citizens to enjoy, and it also helps with tourism because now there’s this long-term exhibit going on.”

“We see this as a sustainable, ongoing program,” Martin said. “We want people to come back every year and see what we’ve got on display.”

To raise funds for the project, sponsorships are available ranging from $500 to $2,000 and include, depending on the level of sponsorship, the sponsor’s logo in the show’s brochure and marketing materials, recognition at the opening reception, a discount on purchasing the sculpture and the sponsor’s name affixed to the sculpture’s pedestal.

“But we will take any donation amount,” Martin said. “And again, that money stays with the program.”

An opening reception and unveiling of the art sculptures is scheduled to be held on Nov. 22 during the start of this year’s Ranch Hand Weekend festivities.

To submit a sculpture for consideration in the project, visit The entry deadline is Oct. 20.

For more information or to make a donation, contact Cynthia Martin at or (361) 219-9325.

Anthony Ruiz can be contacted at or (361) 221-0251.

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