The FEMA dome at H.M. King High School has been activated by Kleberg County Judge Rudy Madrid, in preparation of Hurricane Hanna.

Officials are urging “If you are in a low-lying area or vulnerable home, please seek an alternate shelter quickly.”

The H.M. King domes, located behind the campus, may be used as a safe room “to ride out the storm.”

Face masks will be required in the dome and officials are asking those seeking shelter to take hand sanitizer, medication, food and any pillows or blankets needed for comfort. Pets will not be allowed in the dome, and officials are asking to shelter pets in a safe environment.

The dome will be open from 10 until further notice, and the Red Cross will be available for any help needed at the facility.

If individuals do not wish to shelter at the domes, area hotels will have discounted rates in Kingsville.

Disaster declarations for the City of Kingsville and Kleberg County have been signed by Mayor Sam Fugate and Madrid.

All Kleberg County beaches are also closed until Sunday.


Kleberg County Judge Rudy Madrid has issued a voluntary evacuation order for Loyola Beach, Baffin Bay, Ricardo and Riviera areas, due to "an imminent threat of danger," caused by Tropical Storm Hanna.

The order is in effect until Sunday July 26 at 11:59 p.m. "unless extended, modified, amended, rescinded or suspended," by the County Judge.

The order is voluntary, and does not apply to essential emergency personnel.

"...in order to preserve life, mitigate the damage that may be caused, and to protect the public's health, safety and welfare, it is necessary to warn the public and ask for a voluntary evacuation," of the areas listed, Madrid said in the order.

The order is attached above for clarification.

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