I met with Kleberg County Judge Rudy Madrid on Wednesday, July 10. After an hour of voicing my concerns and frustrations with Judge Madrid, I left with mixed emotions, feeling nothing really came out of the meeting. Judge Madrid said he was working on changing policy for new employees, but what about the loyal employees who have invested themselves in Kleberg County? 

The fact of the matter is the commissioners have voted for either pay increases or higher starting pay for other departments at one time or another, and I have found this out by requesting open records on what employees starting pay at hire was. I am left with unanswered questions as to the unfair treatment within the departments. Why do other departments start their employees off at a higher pay or give increases throughout the year but when it comes to the County Clerk’s office or the Tax Assessor/Motor Vehicle office they are restricted as to what can be done for their employees?

Judge Madrid is working hard to better Kleberg County and has done a great job and he has much more in store for the county, but what about fixing the employees and departments? Most places of employment have representatives, HR departments, unions, so the voices are heard but not at Kleberg County. Judge Madrid says he’s working hard on fixing retirement issues but at this rate with starting pay being at $8.50 a hour and only a 5 cent raise every year who would actually stay working here long enough to retire? Very few, especially single income households, because who can maintain a household bringing home $540 every two weeks? Time for change is past due, our voices need to be heard.


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A pay raise should be on a merit with evaluation. Across the board is no incentive to improve your skills. As for employees base pay, if you dislike it your base then do something about yourself by improving your skills or change jobs. I have seen all agencies( city,ISD and county) that are not holding their personnel accountable for job.I have seen an awful lot of waste time which cost us taxpayers. money. I witness 5 city employees working on a resident water leak on the city side. Really, 5 employees and 3 trucks for a minor water leak. Just an example of waste time 5 days times 52 weeks! it adds up. Where are the supervisors? What are they doing? They must be held accountable for their employees. We have very little accountability in our local government at all levels.

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