Every year our country celebrates Thanksgiving in November.   The typical family tradition is that mom or mother cooks a turkey,  three or four side dishes 2 or more desserts, and maybe invite a few family or friends over.  Dad or Father will usually say a few words before the Thanksgiving dinner and then everyone starts to eat and have a nice time enjoying a wonderful American tradition.  At the end of the meal mom will ask one of her older teenage children to help clean the table and take out the trash.  Her son or daughter replies “sure mom I’ll do it for $10”.  At this point everyone in the room freezes and you cannot hear a pin drop in the room.  Dad seeing and hearing what just happened gets up from his chair leans across the table and slaps the top part of his son or daughters head and makes a very important statement.  Dad says: “PENDOJO!, what kind of a person! Do you know what you just did! what’s wrong with you! this is Thanksgiving! we LOVE one another ! we’re supposed to share! you are not an employee and this is not a job!” What dad just said was Very important.  His point is that when having a Thanksgiving dinner at home, people are suppose to SHARE with each other. Hmmmm, so that is a Human Sharing System.?  YES! Whereas at a restaurant, people used a Trade System (capitalism). People trade money for food. Hmmm, are there other people systems that people have used over the centuries? Yes.  There are dozens of other human systems that can be used instead of capitalism.  Capitalism is mostly a divisive, dehumanizing, racist, unbalanced form of greed-ism, it’s mostly a Bad Economic method/model/ system. It is the main reason why we are in a current Bad Economic Depression.  If you don’t understand something then Google it or YouTube it. 

Tomas Cantu

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