An event was held last week honoring the Bill Colston Jr. family for establishing a facility that has benefited hundreds of local and area people. Christus Spohn Hospital Kleberg conducted a special ceremony with “Let’s Celebrate with the Bill Colston, Jr. Family — 10 Years of Great Health!”

Ten years ago the Colston Family Physical Rehabilitation and Wellness Center opened its doors, and since that time hundreds of people who have had surgery or were recovering from surgery have received therapeutic services that have helped them regain their health. We have friends who exercise at the gym and also utilize the swimming pool.

During the ceremony a video was presented featuring several people who shared their stories about how the rehabilitation and wellness services helped them become healthy again. Darrell Nordeen expressed his appreciation because the rehabilitative services helped him regain his physical health.

A woman related that she began exercising at the gym and also began leading a healthy lifestyle that cured her illness. Several groups in the video enthusiastically thanked the Colston family for providing this facility. I was one of the numerous people at the celebration held July 23. After the presentation I visited with a Christus Spohn Health Systems official and related to her that I was thankful for Christus Spohn Hospital here in Kingsville because I believe my mother’s life was saved here. My mother was a patient twice at this hospital. She had bronchial pneumonia at the age of 92 and, thanks to the caring professional medical care she received here, she got well. The second time she also received the same kind of professional care. My mother lived to be 96 years old. My husband also received emergency medical care that I believe initially saved his life last summer. The official suggested I share this story, which I am doing right now.  Thus, I would like to thank the Bill Colston Jr. family. At the same time I would also express my gratitude to Christus Spohn Hospital Kleberg, the medical staff and all the people involved with this facility. 

Gloria Bigger-Cantu  

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