True transformational change is not easy. It takes time, requires difficult decisions and a strong leader with experience and a long term plan. Fortunately, KISD has found this leader in Superintendent Elida Bera. She has worked to take our district from an F rating to a B in one short year. Let that sink in, from an F to a B in one year.  

Certainly, the staff at KISD deserves an incredible amount of credit. They are the ones in the trenches every day working to help the students of this community. Every KISD employee deserves our thanks for their efforts. Our teachers have done amazing things and we owe them a debt of gratitude.  

Superintendent Bera has worked to change the F culture at KISD. No one will argue that it has been easy or that it hasn’t ruffled some feathers. However, if our district was to get out from that situation, the changes that she has implemented needed to happen.  

Make no mistake, if Superintendent Bera had not come to Kingsville, if she had not worked to chart a new course for this district, we would be in the same boat that we were in this time last year. Great teachers and staff can only take a district so far, it is up to the leadership to ensure that the programs, personnel, curriculum and reporting are implemented to the highest standard.  That is what Superintendent Bera brings to KISD.  

There are some in this community who do not understand why she has made some of the difficult decisions that have been handed down.  There are some who do not understand the long term goals and objectives that she has set for the district. The data now proves that she has done the right things for this district and community. While we are far from perfect, we are also far from an F.  

To the KISD school board, thank you for bringing Superintendent Bera to Kingsville. You do deserve credit for an amazing hire. This community deserves a leader like her and the community has her support. She has proven that her plan is working. It is incumbent on you to continue to empower her to make the necessary changes to continue this positive trend. KISD has had a string of superintendents come in and out of the district. She must be the one to end the revolving door because she has unequivocally proven that she is the right leader for our schools.  

On behalf of a grateful community, thank you to Superintendent Bera and all of the amazing staff at KISD.

Manny Salazar,


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