First and foremost, I feel that we, as KISD board members, have concerned ourselves more with gossip in our community and frivolous rumors. Instead we should turn our focus on three things: the students, the students and the students. 

We are one of approximately 17 school districts in the state of Texas with an “F” rating. We need to be at the forefront of what we can do as a team to focus on our students. Let me tell you all about a community in South Texas that faced the challenges like we are facing right now. And that community was Premont, Texas. TEA wanted them to be closed. But instead, TEA, the Texas A&M University System chancellor and Texas A&M University-Kingsville partnered together to keep this school district open. And Premont ISD is now a thriving school district in the region. If it wasn’t for the vision that TEA, the A&M system and TAMUK had, Premont would be closed. We have a world-class university in our own hometown and I cannot believe that we, KISD, have not asked for help. I am sure that the work they did in Premont can be of great benefit to our schools, and especially our teachers, staff and more importantly our students. And let’s not forget about us, the KISD school board. We all need help during this time. I think we should be the ones asking the people in this community for help.

As a board, we should be supporting our new superintendent. We should let her do her job and not try to be involved in the school district operations on a daily basis. With that being said I will not rubber-stamp anything from administration. But I will continue to do my own due diligence and research in all matters that come before this board. We were voted in by our community, now I ask all of us to be supportive of the Brahma nation, the once thriving school district. We have competition all around us, we need to move this train forward and we should be at the forefront of that movement.

KISD should be writing TEA grants to obtain funding to improve our schools.

I think we should focus on the following:

• Increase student achievement

• Train teachers in research-based strategies

• Decrease dropout rate

• Increase completion rate

• Create a culture of accountability and collaboration

• Provide leadership training to school district administrators and school board

• Data analysis and trends pertaining to educational data

Brandon Greenwood,


KISD Board of Trustees

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