Monday, I voiced my concerns over the safety of KISD elementary schools at the KISD Regular School Board meeting. Immediately after, I was asked by Mr. Coranzo Sr. if I have ever thought of being a crossing guard. Why, yes, yes I have! It is not as easy as you would think. I have done my homework. Have you, Corando Sr.?

I am appalled over the attitude of one of our KISD board members when it comes to safety of students at our elementary schools. 

The responsibilities of the district cannot always be passed down to parents. Parents who work long hours. Parents who take care of multiple children. Parents who struggle financially. Single parents. 

If you know half the town, why don’t you find retired community members to help? Why don’t you go out of your way to provide safety services? If you care about our children so much, you press the issue. 

Parents cannot take the weight of everything. We pay our fair share of taxes so that the district and the city can provide those services.

I have seen countless times where board members point their fingers and blame parents instead of channeling that energy to try and solve the problem. Yes, parents aren’t perfect, but as elected officials it is your job to fill in the gaps.

Elizabeth Ramos


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