In memory of Miller, Scheuer, Schroeder and Krause who were gunned down May 4, 1970 by the National Guard while protesting Nixons’ Vietnam war at Kent State. Keep fighting for what is right! Sure, we’ll have our martyrs but “how can you run when you know?” Give ‘em hell!

The murder of George Floyd was not in vain. It provides the catalyst to expose a global system that is broken and needs total retooling. This is global!

In the US, the deranged idiot in the White House and his crooked administration cronies have got to go. They are not for America or for you. They distort, deflect, and distract. They violate the Constitution, and Trump takes no responsibility. If you still must vote Republican, vote for Governor William Weld.

The Evangelical clergy who continue to support Trump are not of God. They’ve sold their souls. Because they delve into politics, all churches should pay taxes.

The militarization of law enforcement needs to be reversed. Take their toys away and slash the budgets of every force and agency who now run rampant and intimidates its citizenry. Eliminate police unions and put police under local civilian control. They’re no better than school shooters who put on all the tactical gear to slaughter third graders!

Reform out tax system so everyone pays their fair share. No loopholes, shields or shelters. Back it up with forfeitures of assets. Presidential elections should alternate parties every four years. The VP should be an opposition party. Eliminate the Electoral College—and fine anyone of voting age who does not vote! Mandatorily jail any public official who commits a crime. Strengthen oversight and make it independent.

We need wealth and land redistribution with special consideration for the Native Americans and descendants of Spanish land grant holders whose lands were stolen. Reparations for slavery need to be paid.

To those who say “it’s not my fault” or “I had nothing to do with that”, the fact you are benefitting from the sins of our fathers demands it. We need reform: in the courts, prisons, military service, race relations and all areas to form that “more perfect union.”

If we don’t get it quickly the only thing we’ll leave our children and their children is a dying planet and a whole mess of woe.

From aa 65-year old Vietnam era Vet who also protested Nixon back in the day.

David Murillo

Kingsville, Texas

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