To the editor:

My wife and I have been residents of the Kingsville area for around 3 years and truly love this area and the people, but we have noticed that the town seems to be dying and decaying from within. Here is a town that features a wonderful university, a military base, a large border patrol outpost, is the county seat and has a deep heritage founded in the iconic King Ranch and yet the town has a higher than state average poverty rate, unemployment rate, not to mention a steadily declining population. Something is wrong, very wrong. I have had the honor in some cases and frustration in others of dealing with local authorities and officials, as well as the “Big Players” in Kingsville and it seems to me that our community is being strangled by the very people who are holding the levers of power, whether elected or by financial proxy. Something needs to be done to bring industry and businesses to Kingsville in order to save this town from starving to death. I pray God raises up leaders of wisdom, who put the good of our neighbors above the hand full of special interests who have been strangling Kingsville for far too long.

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I fully agree. Have been gone since 1974 and now return to the bigK for cemetery visits and find the inner residential central areas extremely depressing, as if a political Texas Tornado has hit the town. In 1974, Kingsville was beautiful with houses nicely kept and yards trimmed, businesses on 14th Street and also downtown were thriving. Now, it looks horrible.

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