The citizens of Kingsville should be appalled at the conduct of three of your school board members. Never have I seen a board with the dysfunctional behavior of members using their personal agenda above the best interest of the students.

Why ask a superintendent to function effectively when every week she listens to members soliciting up the position for applicants? Why argue about opening up the position when she has been doing the job with the support and approval of the teachers for over a year?

Why is she no longer qualified enough to do the job? What friend or family are they trying to hire? If board members and employees are rewarded for not doing their jobs, rewarding across the board kills motivation and morale.

A school board’s function is to ensure the laws, rules and procedures of the school district are followed. It is not their job to get involved in the operations of the district or micromanage decision-making by administrators hired to make those decisions.

The Super Bowl being more important than Veterans Day says something is terribly wrong with priorities and morals.

The Board should act as support for the district–not tear it apart with personal agendas. I wish the citizens of Kingsville good luck in allowing the Board’s continued vicious and unprofessional behavior… you know who you are. Have they not heard of Robert’s Rule of Order? 


Molly Smolko

Johnson City, Tenn.

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