Immigration is a topic that needs to be addressed. Action needs to be taken for a humane and moral solution. America is a land founded by immigrants and although times have changed, it shouldn’t call for the inhumane actions our nation is bringing down on fellow human beings. Skin color, geographical origin or language should never be the reason that gives any man the right to act superiorly in any way.

I am not proud of the decisions my present leaders have made and continue to support.

I am not proud to be a citizen of a country that rips apart families.

I am not proud of how our leaders refer/label honest human beings as criminals solely on their place of natural origin.

I am not proud that some of my fellow Americans feel superiorly to any human being that does not share the same race.

I am not proud of being under a system that would criminalize and imprison undocumented immigrants because they have settled and made a home a few miles away from an imaginary line, a line that the world and society refer to as a border, and illegal.

Having the position that allows you the privilege to make a difference is an honor. I urge you to support immigration reform that includes a road to legalization and eventual citizenship for the undocumented.


Olga Suazo

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