The topic of concern is bullying in the school districts. I believe these issues calls for school social workers within the school settings. Many counselors that work in the school district concentrate more on attendance and scheduling for the kids. With social workers placed in the school setting that would help a lot, in hopes of lowering the bullying rate. Many schools in the Kingsville area face bullying, some schools worse than others, and many school staff brush the issues off and never handle the situation which causes the students the fear of attending school. Social workers, school staff and parents all need to be involved to help end bullying. Many kids have committed suicide due to the severity of the bullying, many kids get bullied at school and by cyberbullying. Many schools brush off the cyberbullying because the bullying is happening after and out of school, so our administrators state that they can’t do anything about it because it’s not done on school property but they’re wrong. It still affects the student because the student will go to school with fear, not able to concentrate on their learning, it disrupts them from getting educated because they will be so worried of the bully. Social workers in the school setting will help a lot with the understanding of bullying and help both the victims and the ones doing the bullying.

Lee Annette Ramos

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