This week’s paper’s headline read, “KISD superintendent resigns” and I don’t understand what happened. KISD was once an excellent school district, but for the last decade has been failing to meet state guidelines, failing our students, failing our city. Finally, the board brought in a new superintendent. Superintendent Elida Bera made curriculum changes and did some house cleaning by firing three department heads. I barely gave her credit because it seemed like a “no-brainer.” Yet, she came under intense criticism. And for reasons unknown, she eventually re-hired them. Finally her other efforts paid off in August: our school district received a “B” grade from the state, the best grade in well over a decade. So, she submitted her resignation. And, to top that, the board accepted it. What?

It is generally acknowledged that the way out of poverty is education, and most parents want their children to get a good education and do better than they did. Kingsville has way too many households in poverty, and yet the way up from poverty has been denied our children. And few seem to notice; few parents demanded a better system. After all, what is the point in a good education if you cannot get a good job? There are a few good jobs at TAMUK, but the best ones are filled from outside. The same at NAS. Thank goodness for Celanese. How about new businesses? Before moving a manufacturing business to a new location, a due diligence check is performed. It looks at many things including the local school district, which for us has been quite content to fail for most of a decade. And the one person who did some good for our town and our children has been rewarded by being “allowed” to resign after only 10 months.

Hal Dantone, 


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Fortunately, for everyone in the area, Bishop CISD is an outstanding district and always has been.

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