I enjoy reading the Kingsville Record and Bishop News, and was saddened to discover the paper has dropped its number of printed issues to exactly one half of its normal number of issues per year. As a result, I expected the subscription rates would also be cut in half. I see my old subscription rate of $78 per year has been reduced to “only” $55 per year, which in effect produces half as many issues with a savings to the consumer of only $23. This falls in line with merchants everywhere, offering lessor quantities of goods at a greater cost to the consumer. Also, I do not understand the significance of “In-County” and “Out of County” subscriptions. My newspaper is delivered by the U.S. Mail Postal Service.

Donald Lundmark, Bishop

Mr. Lundmark,

Thank you for your letter. While it is true that we cut the number of times the paper is distributed to once a week, the quantity of news we produce has not been cut in half. To focus just on the print edition, I can tell you that in February, the last month we published issues twice a week, we averaged 30.5 pages per week. In March, the first month we moved to a once-a-week publication, we averaged 21 pages. That number increased in April to an average of 24 pages per week. While we are producing nearly as much news content as we did in the past, consolidating to one issue a week has allowed us to save on distribution costs and on some printing. Regarding those distribution costs, we mail newspapers through a periodical rate set by the U.S. Post Office. That rate distinguishes between “In County,” which because of our office location is Kleberg County, and “Out of County.” The Out of County postage set by the U.S. Post Office is higher than In County, which is why the subscription rates differ. Thank you for being a subscriber and for supporting local journalism.

Chris Maher


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