I have always felt that school districts are the backbone of any community, and KISD is no exception for the people of Kingsville. KISD was established in 1909 and the old high school on Third Street stands as a memorial to many who have graduated from KISD and have succeeded in life.

Today, the City of Kingsville occupies the renovated high school that we are so proud of. Our new high school now houses the students of our future and I invite all of you to visit our new facility.

As vice president of our school board, I am asking everyone to join our Brahma Club that is made of people who support our youth, our teachers, our administration, and teacher aids, custodial, cafeteria, maintenance and transportation staff. Our Brahma Club is a support system that we need in Kingsville and is about having a positive attitude toward our school district that is now working to improve on its “F” rating.

This may have been caused by complacency and poor accounting of data rather than poor teaching or poor programming. The Brahma Club is about asking what positive action can I provide to improve my school district? I know that a recent issue is about safety in our schools and I agree that it is important and that we should do all we can as a board to make our schools safe.

I have already begun to research how we can improve safety for our youth and personnel. Positive action may be having a positive attitude about our kids and schools or it can also be providing input to our board on how we can improve on programs for our youth.

We are now trying to improve on our accountability of data for future success and we have a very capable superintendent at the helm working to improve our district. As a Board of Trustees, we must be willing to let her do her job without any interference or micromanagement. 

At the core of our district, you will find very capable teachers who have joined the noble profession of teaching our youth. While we often lay blame on countless people and issues regarding our past rating, we must also consider many variables present in our community that can affect scores, outcomes and ratings.

Statistics show that we live in a community that is mainly minimum wage and a great majority of our students are classified below the poverty level. Immediately, these two statistics require special attention and effort by our teachers and they need our support in providing home environments that help students and promote education. We cannot let our teachers be responsible for what happens in our homes.

We have had an exodus of personnel at KISD, and our superintendent has reported that these positions will be filled by school opening in August. The bottom line now is that we must enable our superintendent to do her job in hiring capable staff for our district.

My first action as a Brahma Club member is to support Mrs. Bera in her efforts to improve our school district as well as support our teachers, peripheral staff and most important our students who deserve the best we can offer.

I ask all the parents and teachers of our students to prepare now for our coming year with a positive attitude about education, to support our students at home with appropriate educational preparation, to communicate with us about improving our programs and communicate with teachers about student progress.

I believe that working with a positive attitude we can accomplish some very positive outcomes for our students and our district. Imagine what working together with a positive attitude can accomplish.

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