My good people of Kingsville, once again, I bring you warm greetings from the Planning and Development Services Department. 

We have been quite busy attending to the demands of our customers in the wake of a pandemic and adjusting to telecommuting practices. It has become necessary to inform residents of the current development permit procedures. 

The goal here is to ensure developers and/or applicants are on board with current practices.

The current procedure would be for developers/customers to submit a permit application together with relevant drawings (where applicable).

A letter of acknowledgement is usually sent from the department including the required fees, which is to be paid prior to the processing of the application. 

If the application requires a development review, it would be on the Tuesday following the receipt of the fee (not the application). 

Often times, certain customers commence construction or development prior to ensuring that a permit is issued by the planning department. This is a violation of our city codes. 

It is hoped that this statement would serve as enlightenment to all concerned as we strive to create a well-planned city where people would want to live, work and have fun. The department is also embarking on a citywide beautification campaign. 

In the coming weeks, emphasis would be on the general cleanliness of the environment, as well as compliance with the city’s property maintenance codes.

An appeal is being made for citizens to ensure their immediate environment is clean and tidy. 

I thank you all for your good efforts and pray that we remain safe and healthy. God bless us all. God bless the City of Kingsville. And God bless the United States of America.

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