An old adage says “When the wind blows hard some people seek shelter and stay there, while others seek remedy and prevention.” What this means is that it is important to think out of the box, but to think out of the box takes the ability to enhance knowledge by understanding the problem, doing some serious research, and assessing multiple variables and then taking some positive action. Most people are programed to seek shelter, while some move to seek a remedy to stormy winds. 

We presently have some strong winds blowing at KISD with the exodus of several principals, teachers and administrators. Ultimately, those that seek shelter when the wind blows and simply stay there probably treat every occasion in life with the same action which is simply to do nothing. I believe that it is incumbent on the school board of trustees to recognize the educator exodus as a stormy occurrence that should signal us to take action by thinking out of the box rather than do nothing. 

It is a known fact that some without the ability to read beyond a seventh grade level frequently take center stage and like to project that they know it all. Even some that have gone through a four year college program sometimes seek only shelter when the wind blows that causes one to wonder where all the knowledge went.

Obviously, we have a problem at KISD since we were graded with an “F” by the Texas Education Agency. The thinking at that time was doing away with the leadership and employing new leadership to improve our rating as a district, but the current unfortunate exodus by an unusual number of educators is an indication that something is very wrong with the management of our resources.  

The time to put personal and self-interests aside by board members is imminent and we must lead the district as we were elected to do. At the time we received the “F” rating from the Texas Education Agency, Brian Coufal, the board president, wrote in the Kingsville Record, “The district's board and administration must provide the necessary leadership to initiate change. The board must stay focused on the singular goal of educating the children of Kingsville. We must remove any distractions from that singular goal. We must demand performance and excellence of our students, our faculty and ourselves.

“Kingsville schools do not belong to the school board, the administration, the faculty, nor the students; the schools belong to the citizens of Kingsville. The board's role is hiring and supervising a superintendent, approving and administering a budget, and setting policy. We are currently in the process of finding and hiring a new superintendent. It is extremely important that we get this right.”

I believe it is essential that we do our job as a school board and recognize that a massive exodus of educators at KISD is a stormy wind that points toward some kind of management problem and weakness.  

I believe the citizens of Kingsville need to know that there is a major problem at KISD affecting our ability to improve our “F” rating with TEA under current conditions. I have been contacted by many citizens inquiring about what is causing the exodus of so many educators at KISD and I have told them that as a board we must remove self-interests in our decisions regarding how we supervise our superintendent, as Mr. Coufal stated, and how we affect policy in doing so. 

However, I also believe that this is OUR COMMUNITY and we have to open our eyes and ask why are so many of our tenured administrators abruptly exiting a district I know they love and have a genuine concern for. While it is not our job as a school board to run the day to day operations of the district, I also realize that school superintendents “come and go,” but this is OUR HOME, OUR COMMUNITY. The majority of us on this board were born and raised here, and although we had opportunities to go off and move out of this community we CHOOSE to stay in our hometown and try to make it a great place to live, work and most of all learn. 

I appreciate all citizens who have contacted me with questions and inquiry and welcome our citizens’ input as I am open to your comments.  

I thank all our educators and parents for your guidance with our students and thank all our students who have worked hard throughout the year in earning passing grades.

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