Last Thursday, I had the great honor of accepting a special award from the Kingsville Chamber of Commerce. The chamber named the Kingsville Record the 2018 Business of the Year, and the award was presented during the organization’s annual banquet.

The statement that was read during the presentation highlighted the history of the newspaper and the importance of its impact on the community. I was acutely aware, as I walked up to the stage, of the long line of publishers before me who could very well have made that walk during the newspaper’s 112-year history. While we work every day to present the news to a 21-century audience, we know that our reputation and our legacy in the community were forged by those who came before us.

I also thought of the number of individuals in our office who put in long hours to bring local news to our community. It takes a team of people to bring the news to you every week, and we have one of the best teams in the state.

As I returned to our table Thursday night, I looked over the list of past recipients of the award, and was humbled to be in their company. There’s an impressive mix of longtime businesses that are fixtures in town, and new businesses that have risen up and are starting their own legacies.

As you know, we recently made some changes to the newspaper that were difficult but necessary. We’ve been overwhelmed by the support we have heard in the community since that announcement. I’ve received text messages and emails, and have even been stopped in the grocery store, by people letting me know how much the newspaper means to them and the community. We also received several new subscriptions from residents who let us know they wanted to support the newspaper. 

I’ll close by extending my appreciation to the Chamber of Commerce for this award, and to the community for your support.

Christopher Maher is the publisher of the Kingsville Record and Bishop News. Readers may contact him at (361) 221-0242 or

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