Arturo Lozano IV

Arturo Lozano IV

The Santa Gertrudis Independent School District voted unanimously to hire Arturo Lozano IV as the new athletic director of the district, marking a return to the position he left in 2017.

At a special board meeting held at Santa Gertrudis School on March 4, it took just a few minutes in closed session before the Board of Trustees met in open session for the vote.

Lozano served previously as the athletic director and head football coach for Santa Gertrudis Academy High School from 2014-2017, before departing to take the same positions in Three Rivers.

Lozano arrived in Santa Gertrudis from his hometown of Bruni, where he was also the athletic director and head football coach.

During Lozano’s tenure as athletic director, the Academy softball team made their second trip to the state tournament, and the volleyball, boys basketball and baseball teams made the postseason all three seasons.

In 2016, the girls basketball team won their first playoff game during his time as athletic director, as did the baseball team.

In his three years as football coach for the Lions, the team advanced to the playoffs for the first time in 2014, earned their first postseason win in 2015 and earned their first share of a district title 2016. 

Now, three years later, Lozano will leave Three Rivers to take back the mantle as the athletic director of SGISD.

“This area’s always felt like home to me,” Lozano said. “I went to college here and then my time here, when I got to coach those for those three years, being close to my family, my wife’s family, it’s just a good fit. And when the opportunity presented itself again, I couldn’t pass it up.”

Superintendent Veronica Alfaro said the hiring of Lozano was a “perfect fit.”

“We’re excited that he is coming back and the knowledge the experience that he brings to us,” Alfaro said. “He understands our facilities, he understands our kids, he knows our parents, he developed relationships with these individuals before he left and that’s just something that we would like to continue.”

Lozano’s contract will be for one full year of service, Alfaro said.

Although he will return as the athletic director, Lozano said he does not intend to be the head football coach next year, and will look to begin the process to find a suitable candidate for the position as soon as possible.

Despite not being at the helm of the football program, Lozano said he hopes to bring the same energy to his coaches and the athletes as he did in the past.

“Like I tell the coaches, no matter where I’m working at, we just need to do what’s best by the kids all the time,” Lozano said. “And the kids will always keep surprising you. The more faith you put in on them, the higher you raise the bar, they’ll always rise to match it. So I just want to keep doing that. And, hopefully, you know, get us to the next level.

“I’m just looking forward to getting back to work with these kids, the faculty and the staff in this district.”

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