A night of multiple fumbles for Santa Gertrudis Academy (0-4, 0-1) became the Achilles heel for the Lions in last Friday’s shutout loss to the San Diego Vaqueros (3-1, 1-0) 45-0.

The Lions were held to only 100 yards of total offense on the night, and were only able to pick up one third down in 12 attempts.

SGA coughed up the football six times in the game, five of which were fumbles.

George Santana Jr. was 2-for-12 on the night at quarterback, and threw one interception.

He also had nine carries for 21 yards rushing yards and a fumble in the contest.

As for San Diego, they were able pick apart the Lions’ defense and had four touchdowns rushing and two touchdowns passing.

The Vaqueros had 168 yards rushing and nearly 300 yards of total offense in the game.

The Lions were able to force an interception and had a fumble recovery on defense.

Next up, the Lions look to tackle the Mathis Pirates (2-2), who are attempting to continue their two-game streak of scoring more than 45 points a contest.

The Pirates have outscored their past two opponents 105-48, and have averaged nearly 400 yards of total offense in both games. 

Mathis nearly beat Odem earlier in the season 13-12, while the Lions were shut out by the Owls in their Week 3 matchup 26-0.

The Lions will look to bounce back against the Pirates, in SGA’s homecoming game on Friday at 7:30 p.m.

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