Madelyn Rendon lifting

Madelyn Rendon will be advancing to the THSWPA State Meet in Waco, Texas on March 19 as an individual competitor. (File Photo)

The Texas High School Women’s Powerlifting Association’s regional competition took place this past weekend, with athletes representing Bishop, H.M. King and Santa Gertrudis Academy advancing to the state meet.

The Bishop Lady Badgers as a team placed second in the Division III meet, only finishing behind Natalia by six points.

Cailtin Berry earned a gold medal in the 123-pound weight division, with a daily total of 1,020 pounds, nearly 200 pounds more than second place.

Beatrice Garcia also earned first place for her lift total of 995 pounds in the 181-pound weight division and Harlie Guerra earned gold for her lift of 1,040 pounds in the 198-pound weight division.

Also coming in third with a qualifying total was Raina Rivera, who lifted 805 pounds in the 132-pound weight division.

The team will move on as group to State.

For SGA, Yaritsa Alanis placed fourth in the 165-pound weight division with a qualifying total of 825 pounds to advance from regionals to the state meet.

In Division II, H.M. King had three lifters advance to State with two qualifying in the same division.

Kianna Tamariz placed second in the 259-pound and above weight class, with a total lift of 750 pounds on the day.

Madelyn Rendon placed fourth in the 97-pound weight class with a 565-pound total and Lauren Sandoval finished right behind her with a total lift of 550 pounds to come in fifth. All three girls will travel to the state meet.

The THSWA State Meet will take place in Waco, Texas and begins on Thursday, March 19 and will conclude Saturday, March 21.

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